August 10, 2011

Hair Chronicles

This summer I haven't done too much with myself so when I found myself bored I just played in my hair. First, I discovered that braidouts are actually cute. I hated them after my BC and never really went back. Turns out, all I needed was some more length to appreciate them :)
Cute little pomp and puff :)

Second, I tried a wash and go for the first time in months. It came out kinda cute. Of course I had shrinkage but that was to be expected. I'm not a hair blog so I don't care much for talking about techniques and products. But in case anyone cares, I just used some Eco Styler gel, olive oil and my bootleg version of a Denman brush lol.

Then Sunday afternoon I decided to do a roller set thingy. A few years ago my sister bought me some Goody Sp'oodles.  I have 2 packs of 10 which would definitely NOT be enough to set my hair with. So what I decided to do was take out the little plastic cylinders that are supposed to help keep the spoodles from sticking to themselves and used those instead. There were 40 of them so I sectioned my hair in 4 and used 10 in each section. I simply rolled up my hair and secured it with a bobby pin. I used a gel mixture (activator gel, olive oil and aloe vera gel) that I made a while ago to set it. Yesterday I took them out and the results were...interesting. I didn't get my roots good so they were fuzzy but the curls formed nicely. It made me a bit excited about doing a roller set because my hair really straightened out, just by using some bootleg curlers lol.

I LOVE the color of my hair :)

Look at those curlies :)

I would definitely try it again, with a better technique of course lol.
I also did a couple of blowouts, a bantu knot-out and my trusty twist out. I love how simple my hair is. I don't have much trouble with it, it basically does what I tell it to. My only issue is that I'd like to try new products. I feel like I'm nowhere near reaching my sexy hair potential. It's cool though, I'm liking the journey there :)

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