July 8, 2011

Big Fluffy Hair :)

A few weeks ago I was complaining about my hair being thin and not having as much body as I'd like. Then I decided to stop complaining and accept my curls as is. I started to think of ways I could make my hair seem bigger and then I realized I haven't blow dried my hair in months. I don't use heat on my hair often and its not because I'm one of those scary naturals that proclaim heat as the devil. I just don't see the need for it most of the time. Well last night I decided to blow dry my hair to see how big it could get:
Pretty Big :)

So I twisted my hair in hopes of having a fluffy big twistout. Later on that night I took out a twist and it had absolutely no definition to it, at all lol. So I decided to braid my hair instead. I haven't tried to do a braidout in over a year. I never had much luck with them. My hair would come out in this weird funky crinkle and I just decided to stick to twistouts because they were more reliable. But this time it came out great! I finally found a way to get my hair big and fluffy at this length :)

I'm soo feeling this look :)

I thought I was cute, until I got caught in the rain.
Womp womp womp
Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow :)

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