August 13, 2011

Day 6: Your views on mainstream music

If I were to turn on the radio right now my reaction would be one of the following things: disgust, disappointment, sadness or confusion. I don't like what's popular and sometimes I'd rather not hear new stuff at all. I'm completely content listening to older music. If I do listen to new music it is not what's "mainstream." I will look for what's good instead of listening to what everyone else is listening to just because its supposedly "hot." I like music that has emotion connected to it and has meaningful lyrics. When it comes to whats popular, I may sing along and dance to it at a party but you will not find me listening to it on my free time. I probably sound like an old grandma who detests the new "crap" that younger generations like. Well I'm not that extreme but most likely, I would rather listen to what grandma is listening to. I like soul and emotion in my music and I find that whats popular is formatted to be catchy and get people's attention. I don't want what's catchy. I want what's good.

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