August 5, 2011

Oh Yeah, I'm Great

I just realized that I don't ever really write about myself in a positive light. Other than me saying what I wanna do to better myself and my love affair with my hair, I don't really say much else. So I figured I'd make a short list of all the things that I like about myself. Just because :)

  • I know random bits of information about the most random shit and when it comes to music and movies I like to know any and everything about the facts regarding them. 
  • I love music, a lot. I love my relationship with music and how it vibrates through every inch of my being. Sometimes I feel as if I could never escape the hold it has on me. I wouldn't ever want to anyway :)
  • I consider myself to be open minded and accepting. I like to consider things from different aspects before I make up my mind about it. 
  • I don't think I have one shady bone in my body. No lie - I HATE lying. When I do I make it obvious by giggling so that doesn't even count lol. Plus I see no reason in being deceitful, sneaky or vindictive. For what?
  • I'm not selfish. Like at all. Its kinda not so much a positive thing actually lol
  • Physically - I love my hair and my eyes plus the fact that no matter how big or small I've been, my entire body is in proportion. I may complain about my weight but honestly, I still think I'm sexy as hell lmao
  • I'm not a product of my environment. I like my values and morals. I'm not uptight but some shit I just can't get with.
  • I'm not wrapped up in material things. I'm not money hungry. Some may see this as a flaw. I don't care. My goal in life is to live comfortably. That's it. 
  • I love my infectious laugh. So do others :)
  • I love my randomness. And I find myself to be quite funny when I wanna be.
Ok so that was the first 10 things that popped up in my head. It actually made me feel good...I should do this more often :)

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