May 31, 2011

2 Years Natural!!!

This week makes it 2 years since my how time flies!

Here's a picture of me the day after my BC. That was my first twistout and has been my go-to style ever since lol.

I remember that I was sooo in love with my hair when I cut it and that definitely has not changed since then. I do however feel as though I've been limiting myself when it comes to how I style and take care of my hair sooo here's a list of improvements I want to make:
1. Find new products
2. Try new styles
3. Take more pictures
4. Retain length
5. Healthy hair is sexy hair :)

I'm far from being a hair blog but I just might start documenting my adventures here. I mean hey, why not? This is my damn blog anyway lol

Here's a picture of me today. I just took out my crochet braids after having them for 6 weeks and boy did I miss my hair! It's just a simple twistout, my favorite of course lol.
 Its a little dark but hey, you get the picture lol.

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