August 19, 2011

Day 12: Five guys whom you find attractive

1. Lance Gross - (When he's NOT playing Calvin Payne of course lol). I watched Our Family Wedding about 4 times and I just wanted to lick him. He's so chocolatey yum :)

2. Common - He's just so sexy to me. I'd love to kiss each and every one of his freckles and his voice is sexy as hell.

3. Eric Benet - I think he came out of the womb sexy! I've been drooling over him for a good long time and I swear he just looks better with age. And his voice? He just oozes sexiness. Too bad he just got married. Now my chances of being with him have decreased from 3% to .5% smh

4. Mehcad Brooks - (Only from the neck down and when he's not talking). Not the greatest actor and not the greatest looking but mmmm look at that body *wipes drool off chin*

5. LL Cool J - I know he's 43 but I don't care. I used to be sooo in love with this man when I was younger. Judge me all you want but Todd is still a sexy ass man. Yeah I called him Todd, we're cool like that lmao

6. Alcide Herveaux from True Blood. Yeah I know his real name is Joe Manganiello but I don't want Joe, I want Alcide's sexy werewolf ass! He's just so big and sexy and the fact that he's so sweet makes him even more attractive. Mmmmmm

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