May 13, 2011

Sometimes I wish I could separate myself from myself
From others
From this world
Just run away
Fly away
Take off
I don’t want to be here

Sometimes I feel completely misunderstood. The more I talk, the less I think people understand. Sometimes I wish I could disappear. And just let people go on without my existence. I wonder if it would make a difference. I’d like to think so but a part of me feels otherwise. It seems like I never am heard completely. Words leave my mouth but fall before they reach the ears of others. No one knows. I see and feel so much its hard to describe, I try to keep it to myself but it ends up falling out of my mouth. But I’m still misunderstood. So I cry. No one knows. Yes I know that I am not alone in feeling this way. I’m not alone in feeling alone.

February 2011

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