May 13, 2011

Maybe I’m too angry for my own damn good
Maybe I’m just scared
Scared that if I let you know I like you you’ll fail me
Scared that if we get close you’ll fuck up
or I’ll fuck up
Maybe I’m too blunt for my own good
Maybe I’m too fucking antisocial
Maybe I’m scared of people because if I get close enough you can see right through me
I don’t like being vulnerable cuz then what?
You see the real me and then what?
You won’t want me anymore
You’ll see that I’m this complex being that just seems to be angry but really isn’t
You’ll see this pessimistic person that inside is hopelessly optimistic
You’ll see this hardened girl too scared to feel
Maybe I’ve never grown, maybe I’m still stuck
Still stuck in the past
But that’s over and done with so what am I really doing?
Keeping myself stuck here
I’m not moving because of me and no one else

I was too scared to say anything so I just let you slip away. Silly me.

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