April 1, 2011


Last month I wrote a post, To Weave or Not To Weave? where I discussed my doubts and feelings about getting a weave. Well my birthday came along and shortly after I was back in Brooklyn for Spring Break to celebrate. I had already decided to get a weave by that point so my only issue was trying to find hair. And oh man, was that a hassle! I was looking for a specific kind of curl and it seemed like none of the stores that I was going to had anything close to what I wanted. I didn't want tight coils or loose curls and its kinda hard finding something in the middle. And when I finally did find what I was looking for, it was too short. But luckily my lovely sister spotted this hair on a mannequin and practically forced me to buy it lmao. So far I'm definitely feeling it :)

So here's a few pictures I took playing around on the Mac in the Fahari office lol.

I gotta say I'm loving these curls! And every day I get around 10-15 compliments, no lie lol. While I'm flattered by them, I still feel a little funny constantly being complimented. And what really baffles me is how many people think that this is my hair. I mean if I wanted to, I could style my hair like this but I would not have all these damn curls or this length. Also, having all of this on my head is a bit of excitement towards my anticipation for when I'll have a big ass fro of my own. I give myself 2 years to get my hair to be this big. It'll probably come sooner than that but I don't wanna reach too far lol. I'm really loving the low maintenance that this hair requires but honestly, I miss my hair. Plus it feels better when I style my hair cute and get compliments. But ehh, whatever. People love this abundance of curls on my head....and so do I :)

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