April 4, 2011

I Might Be Obsessed But I Don't Care

I love the movie Love & Basketball. Ok that's a lie. I'm mildly obsessed with Love & Basketball. I have been since I was 10 and it just won't go away lol. I have this loserish, stalkerlike relationship with things that I truly love. When I first saw Raheem DeVaughn perform live on TV I had to have his CD. And once I was exposed to his music, there was no stopping me. I did extensive research finding out any and everything that I could about him and his music. Very similar to how I acted when Love & Basketball entered my life. I could remember the excitement I felt when I first saw the trailer on TV. I told my sister that I HAD to go see it. And we did. Twice. Then the VHS came out and I made sure my father bought it for me. I watched it so much that my sister hid it from me. But once the DVD was released I bought it with my own money and I made sure that no one could hide it from me lol.

Last night my homie Mocha made fun of me because I told her that I read the script the other day. I accepted it. I am a proud L&B fanatic. That movie makes me smile uncontrollably. There's no shame in my game. I often hear that this is a corny movie to choose as your favorite, its a typical Black movie that gets too much play. I disagree. I have specific reasons as to why I love this movie. I can't quite explain how it touches me. Honestly, to me, this film is perfect (well except for the crappy voice overs during Q & Monica's one on one game but whatever, I'm over it lmao). And I didn't choose this movie as my favorite. As corny as this sounds, it chose me. Some movies lose their power and wonderfulness by each time I watch them. But L&B never gets old; I find something new to love about it every time I watch.

I mainly love this movie because of the character development. You can see how Monica and Quincy grow over the years and how believable they are. I don't feel like I'm watching a movie, I feel like I'm peeking into their lives. I'm not a sports person, I actually can't stand sports lmao. So mainly its the emotion that draws me in. Gina Prince-Bythewood tells such a unique story. It's more than a love story, its more than just a retelling of how women struggled with inequality within basketball (this is a big chunk of the movie if you notice how Q is treated vs. Monica and how there was no WNBA & women had to go overseas to play). It intertwines both into a beautiful combination. Also I loooove the music throughout lol. Each selection was perfect for this film.

So here's a couple clips from my favorite part of the movie (I couldn't find what I wanted in one clip so for the first video just skip to 2:45). I love the Spring Dance because of the intensity Monica and Q share towards the end and Q's obvious attraction to Monica. Afterwards when they speak, his jealousy is apparent. But of course the love scene was always my favorite part from this section (I was a fresh little girl, any glimpse of sex I could peek at, I tried to. But shhhh don't tell my Mama lmaoo). However, this scene is about more than just sex. Their interaction is sweet and tender, filled with love...simply beautiful :)

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