April 4, 2011

I Gotta Be

This is one of my favorite songs, like in life. Definitely my favorite Jagged Edge song, hands down. Its just so tender and I love how they sing, the words...this all add up to an ooh feeling that affects me on a physical level. I've had shivers listening to this song. It may sound weird but when I say I connect to my music, I mean it. This song feels so fucking good. Whenever I listen and the song ends I always wish I could have just a few more seconds. I can never play this song just once. When it ends, it leaves me feeling like ahhhh, wishing, hoping, if only....

Random but I hadn't ever seen this version of the video until a couple of years ago. The version I remember featured Destiny's Child throughout the video. I found an acceptable version but it cut off the first verse so here's the old version, its a bit crappy but its what I remember :)

I Gotta Be from Jagged Edge's 1997 A Jagged Era

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