April 7, 2011

My Gym PSA

Don't mention the gym to me. Don't ask me to go with you. Don't ask me what my progress is or how I'm doing. Don't bother me at all. If you see me in sweats don't say anything. Just let me be. The more people ask me about it or talk to me about it, the least I wanna do it.

This is a personal journey. Unless I bring it up, there's no need in discussing it. I don't plan on posting on Facebook about being at the gym every five seconds or tweeting how many calories I'm burning. For what? I don't want your approval, I don't want your acceptance, I want nothing. Just let me be and go on this journey by myself. That's the only way its gonna work. Once everyone is in my face asking questions and saying shit I lose motivation.

Of course you can say, "but aren't you blogging about it? Doesn't that bring attention to it?" And my response to that is yup, feel free to read about it but if you see me I don't wanna hear about it. Call me weird, whatever. If this is how I have to commit to it, that's what I'll do.

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