February 8, 2013

'Nothing But' Hair Products Review

A few weeks ago I received a free sample package of Nothing But products. The sample included the Clarifying Shampoo, Pure Pudding, Curl Sealer, Intense Healing Mask and the Cleansing Conditioner. I pretty excited because I received 5 out of their 7 products. My first thought was to do a product review since I had most of the products from the line. But if you've noticed, I don't do real product reviews. I never claimed to be a hair blog so most of the time I give a brief description instead of an in-depth review. I guess I can finally give a real review a shot...I guess lol.

Clarifying Shampoo:

Company's DescriptionYour journey to a head full of soft bouncy curls or flirty twists starts with this essential first step. Sofn’free GroHealthy’s Clarifying Shampoo contains nothing but honest ingredients that gently remove deep-down dirt and buildup. Use 2-3 times a month and always follow up with a deep conditioner. We strongly recommend Nothing But Intense Healing Mask or Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner.
    • Dissolves buildup
    • Sulfate-free
    • Safe for color-treated hair

My Thoughts - It smells kinda minty, almost tingly. It's definitely a clarifying shampoo. My hair felt very clean but not stripped. One wash is definitely enough. I can see why the instructions say to use once or twice a month. Any more would be too much.

Intense Healing Mask: 
Company's Description - Be honest. You’ve noticed that your hair is thinner, breaks easily and what’s with all the shedding? Time for Sofn’free GroHealthy’s Intense Healing Mask. Made with nothing but simple ingredients, it penetrates deeply to repair, soothe and smooth damaged, brittle hair.  In no time, your curls will bounce back with renewed health and vigor.
    • Repairs weak, fragile hair
    • Real help for transitioning

My Thoughts - I used this after the shampoo as a deep conditioner. My first reaction was to the scent. It smells like lemon...kinda like a cleaning product lol. As if Lemon Heads and Pledge were mixed together lol. It had a bit if slip but not enough for my liking. It could've been that there wasn't enough in the packet. My hair did feel nice afterwards though.

Pure Pudding:
Company's DescriptionLike things wild? Or is tame more your style? Get nothing but styling versatility and control with no hardness or crunch. This luxurious styling conditioner lets you do everything from create wash ‘n wear looks to two-strand twists.
    • Defines curls
    • Elongates waves
    • Enhances coils
    • No hardness or crunch

My Thoughts -  It was lemony just like the mask. It was thick and kinda sticky going on. I used it with the Curl Sealer so I'm not sure about it own its own.

Curl Sealer:
Company's Description - Set your hair free from frizz, dullness and other foolishness with Sofn’free GroHealthy’s Curl Sealer. Made from nothing but honest ingredients and natural shine enhancers, it instantly adds and seals in moisture, leaving you with a head full of oh-so-gorgeous, radiantly shiny curls.
    • Quickly seals in moisture
    • Adds shine & smooths frizz
    • Gives longer-lasting curl definition

My Thoughts - It was lemony of course and it felt a little sticky going on. I could tell it would stretch out my curls though. I felt like using it with the pudding was a good combination.

Cleansing Conditioner:

Company's Description - It’s the honest-to-goodness truth: The minute you get your curls just right, it’s time to shampoo and start over. But with Sofn’free GroHealthy’s Cleansing Conditioner (Co-Wash) you don’t have to. Using nothing but simple ingredients, it leaves your hair perfectly conditioned and beautifully clean. Yes, at the same time.

    • Cleans without suds
    • Won’t strip hair
    • Gentle enough to use every day
    • Use alone or after our Clarifying Shampoo

My Thoughts - After almost two weeks I finally washed my hair. It wasn't too dirty so I figured I could get away with a co-wash. The product smelled just like the others in the line. It didn't have much slip and there wasn't enough in the packet for my hair so I had to use my Tresemme Naturals on top of it. When I  rinsed out my hair, it felt clean and didn't feel stripped. My curls were popping but it could've easily been because of my Tresemme Naturals.

Overall Outcome -  I used the Pudding and Sealer as I did my twist and curl. I decided to re-do this style, the same way as before. I ended up with fluffy, stretched curls. I had a bit of shine but not a whole lot.  I liked the way my hair felt, it was really soft and bouncy. I would try the pudding and sealer again. I'm not big on twistouts but I think it would be a good product to try for it because of the stretch it gives. I like that this company claims not to have any petrolatum, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, colorants or phthalates. I didn't list the ingredients but you can visit their website for all that info. The products are reasonably priced so maybe someday in the future I'll try them out again. Here's some pictures:

Initial takedown
Looking kinda sexy lol
Next day hair
Styled 2 days later

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