February 8, 2013

Satin Strip Braidout

A long time ago I came across a YouTube video of someone doing a braidout with satin strips. I thought that that was a great idea for stretching hair and to get it wavy. So I figured I would try it out, seeing as though I love regular ole braidouts on their own. I had a few hair ribbons so I decided to just use those. I did my usual 10 braids on freshly washed hair. I used Tresemme Flawless Curls Lotion Creme and olive oil. It's a pretty simple process. You just use your hair as the third piece in the braid, with the two pieces of ribbon as the other two.

You can do it on damp or dry hair and your hair could be straight or curly - it really doesn't matter. I tried to find one comprehensive video from a natural braiding her hair damp with the take down. Ummm, I didn't lol. So here's an explanation of how to do it from a natural with dry, stretched hair:

Anddd here's a takedown video from a natural. She did it on damp hair but she had way more braids than I did. My results were very similar to hers.

 My results:
This picture doesn't do it justice      

 I will definitely be trying this again. My hair was stretched and I liked the definition that I got. I wanna see how it will come out with gel, on stretched hair and on blow dried hair as well. I'll probably use an old scarf to make strips instead of using ribbon though. We'll see :)

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