February 8, 2013

I've been a stranger...forgive me.

It feels like its been forever since I wrote a blog. Not having a computer has been frustrating and I've been relying on my phone for everything. And since I really don't like blogging from my phone, I just stopped altogether. There's been quite a few interesting things that have happened over the past month. So here is a very quick, mostly vague rundown:

  • I got a new phone. YAY!! Then it broke. WOMP WOMP WOMP. I've since received a replacement :) 
  • Things were hectic at my house for a while. Now there's a bit of peace.
  • I've been kinda depressed about being unemployed but recently I've been feeling much better because...
  • We still don't have a computer but a dear friend of mine "forced" me to borrow his laptop. I am beyond grateful to him. I seriously appreciate my friends that actually give a shit and want me to succeed. He knows just how necessary it is to have a computer when you're on a job hunt.  I've only had this laptop for two days but I've already applied to twenty something jobs. Yes, I am ON IT!
  • I've played with my hair quite a bit. Blogs to follow...

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MochaNapps said...

**does happy naked dance on your blog**