February 8, 2013

'As I Am' Hair Products - Kinda Sorta Review

I received a free sample package from As I Am all the way back in October. I received ten out of their eleven product samples and was extremely excited to try them all out.

It's been months and I have sporadically been trying out these products. And to be completely honest, I don't remember how I felt about them and I have no intentions of digging in my brain. Instead, I'll briefly talk about my experience with the Moisture Milk and Smoothing Gel.

The Moisture Milk smelled like cake batter! I was so tempted to eat it lol. Instead, I used it pretty generously while I braided up my hair. I used the Smoothing Gel on top and I liked the way these products felt together. I did my regular 10 braids, as usual. The next day, my hair was soft and shiny, it had body and I was in love. My sister kept staring at my hair and my mother told me my hair looked like when I do my curly crochet braids. I loved how as the days went on, my hair got bigger and bigger and it still had definition to it. I would loooove to buy both of these products in the future.
Initial take down

Next day
It grew :)
My first EVER dry twistout. It may not look like much, but trust me, it was an accomplishment lol.

Out of all the products I still have the Leave in Conditioner and Curling Jelly because I really would like to use them for a wash and go. I am waiting for warmer months because I don't want to do the winter version of a wash and go.

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