February 22, 2013

I ♥ Big Ass Hair!

I love Solange. I love her for her boldness, for her lyrical ability, for her quirky fashion sense and for her hair. Oh man, her hair! Since she cut off all of her hair three years ago, she fluctuates between wearing her own hair and wearing curly weaves and wigs. I drool whenever I see obnoxiously big curly hair, whether it is real or not. And I could not stop drooling when I saw pictures of Solange at her sister's HBO premiere of Life Is But A Dream. Look at this big ass hair:


Seeing this picture has me thinking about getting some curly crochet braids. It's been a while and that would be a good protective style that I could leave my hair in for a couple months. Hmmm...

This picture also brought to mind a video that I watched a few weeks ago. India from MyNaturalSistas did a big curly fro tutorial that had me drooling.

The style that India did for the first half, I've done before and I love the results. But I've never picked my hair out to get more body like she did in the second half. I  know there are tons of naturals that do this to add life to their hair but for some strange reason I've just never gave it a try. I usually separate, fluff and play with my roots to try to add body. Maybe next time I'm trying to get big ass hair I'll use a pick. If I can find mine...I haven't used it since 2010 lol.

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