February 12, 2013

Blog Revamp

I'm thinking its about time I make some changes on here. I'm still unemployed with plenty of time on my hands and plenty of things on my mind. So I figured I could start posting on a daily basis, based off of themes. At first I thought it would be corny, but why the hell not? I need to get back in the habit of writing again and I see this as the perfect way to do it.

Tunesday - I will share my favorite songs or just random songs that are stuck in my head.

Random Wednesday -  I am a verrrry random person with tons of crazy thoughts. Why not share them just for the hell of it?  

Literary Thursday - I am going to finally start reading on a regular basis. I swear I am! lol. This probably will not be a weekly posting. I'll probably sporadically post a synopsis, my reaction and possibly bits and pieces of what I find interesting.

Natural Hair Fridays - Now y'all know I lovesss me some natural hair! lol. Every week I am going to post a blog, picture or video of some gorgeous curly hair. I'll also be posting styles I'd like to try in the future.

This is quite a commitment. However, I know I can do it. I know that I need to do it. To keep myself stimulated and to start something and actually pull through with it. Knowing me, its gonna be some work for me to keep this up. I only plan to keep this going until I have a full time job and amp up my social life. I might even keep it going or change it up when that happens. Who knows though? We'll see :)

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