February 26, 2012

Crochet Braids Pt. 5

I usually get big, curly hair but this time around I decided to try something a little different. I chose to use  Freetress Loose Appeal to get a looser wave type of look. Initially, I was intending on having it past my shoulders, just to try something new. But the hair was curlier than I expected so having it long would not look right. After having it put in, I'd have to say I'm not that big a fan of this hair. It's cute but I don't think it suits me well. I've gotten a lot of compliments but I'm not really feeling  this hair as much as the curlier looks. From now on, I'll probably only get tighter curled hair that looks a bit more natural. Anyway, here's the look:

Kinda cute. Not my favorite look. So far I've had it in for one week but let's see how long this will last...

pt. 1
pt. 2
pt. 3
pt. 4

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