September 4, 2011

Crochet Braids Pt. 2

I've had my second installment of crochet braids for a little over 2 weeks now and I'm loving them just as much as I did last time. This time I used two packs of Freetress Water Wave Bulk in #2 & #4. Towards the end we ran out of hair. Seeing as though Freetress bulk isn't sold around where I live, we had to scramble to get a similar curl pattern to match. So the front two braids in the middle of my head consist of mostly Glance Soft Water. There are a few slight differences between the two curl patterns, but nothing that is too noticeable.

I'm trying to keep my hair in protective styles for a while for a few reasons. I love the convenience of being able to just shake and go. I also would like to let my hair rest and just leave it alone for a while. Plus, its cute as hell lmaoo. I really love curly hair. Whether it is growing out of my scalp or I got it from a store doesn't really matter to me right now.

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