February 13, 2012

Roller Set

Last night I decided to try my first roller set. It came out, ummm interesting...

I used Creme of Nature Argan Oil Foaming Wrap Lotion and what I thought was a little bit of olive oil. When I took out the rollers this morning my hair was all types of greasy smh. I guess I didn't need to use the olive oil lol. I was just being cautious because my hair dries out rather quickly. The set didn't take me more than an hour and it wasn't that difficult to do. I do know that I did not pull the hair taught enough and I missed a few pieces of hair. I was a bit scared that my hair wouldn't be dry by morning but it came out semi-straight, soft and bouncy. This is something that I definitely will be revisiting - with a better technique, minus the oil lol.

I figured I could do a little length check since my hair is semi-straight. It won't be long till my hair is bra strap length :D

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