September 14, 2011

What is going on with me???

Lately I've been an emotional wreck. Crying for no reason, feeling sorry for myself, and just all over the damn place. I'm not really stressed. School is fine, nothing too crazy is going on so wtf? I don't quite know what's going on with me. I just feel like blahh. Like I don't wanna be bothered with dealing with people, or just being on this damn campus. This is how I was feeling over the summer and somehow it has trickled into the semester. Over the summer I kept to myself, didn't communicate with anyone and I barely even left my damn house. I can't act like that on campus. I'm constantly around other class, during my organization's meetings, in my suite...I don't ever really have time to myself. Recently I've been slowing down and taking my time when walking around on campus. Usually I'm in a rush (for no damn reason lol) and recently I've just been slowly floating around. Walking around like I have no purpose. I guess I need some excitement? I need something. Ugh. I'm just tired. For no reason. As usual.

I've already forgotten about my ending on a positive note, how sad smh. I have nothing positive to say so here's one of my favorite songs:

"I Need Your Lovin'" from Irons in the Fire (1980)

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