February 21, 2011

Work In Progress

I wanna be a better version of me but I'm holding myself back. I'm not allowing myself to flourish and grow. As a matter of fact I know that I'm stifling my own growth. How is that possible? Simple. I put myself in a box and told myself that I couldn't step out of it. I made it so that I can't try new things due to my fears. Even if the experience could be helpful I said no, if I'm not good at it, I'm not doing it. But how will I ever know if I'm good at something if I don't try? How can I go through life placing limits on myself? The answer is that I can't. I've been slowly leaving this box but maybe I'm not doing enough. Maybe I'm not really trying and I'm just saying that I am. Well, I performed in front of a large group a few times but it was along with 40 other people. Well, I took an acting class which was definitely out of my comfort zone but I didnt give it my all and I knew that. I still tried though, not hard enough.

I have to push myself. I have to force myself into uncomfortable situations. How else will I know what I'm capable of if I don't allow myself to be challenged?

I guess for now I'm just a work in progress...

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