February 14, 2011

Lucky Me :)

I may put up a front but under my hard exterior there's actually a bunch of mush. I try hard to reject it but it always seems to catch up with me lol. So today my sister surprised the hell out of me and randomly sent me a Valentine's Day card. Before I could even read it I burst out in tears. I felt like a loser for crying because of a card but I guess I was just so overwhelmed lol. I thought I wasn't into crying for no reason but then I sat and thought about it...I randomly cry all the damn time. Sometimes I cry if I think of my father, a good/bad memory, when I feel helpless, or for random acts of kindness towards me (one time I actually cried when my sister bought me some flip flops for $5...sounds crazy but I was thankful lol). But I've come to the realization that it's ok to cry and yes it is ok to be emotional...sometimes lol.

Anyway, I love my sister. Sometimes I wonder if I she knows just how much. I'm so glad I have her to go through life with. When no one else understands me or gives a fuck, I know I have her. And honestly, she is the only person I know that I can, without a doubt, depend on, no matter what. I feel lucky having her in my life.

God made us sisters, life made us friends. I love you :)

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