February 14, 2011

Snip Snip

Somehow I ended up holding onto my hair. I wanted my fro to be so big and get so long that I held on to my nasty straggly ends. That's a big no-no. I thought that I had got past wanting my hair to be long but it seems I'm still itching for length like I did when my hair was straight. But having length with a lack of healthy strands is completely pointless and counteractive. I came to this realization after the first time I cut my hair short when it was still straight. I let go of my nasty ends and fell in love with the short look. By the time I cut my hair again, I didn't care much about the length because I knew it was gonna grow back. Somewhere along my natural hair journey I got lazy and stopped putting in the effort to keep my hair healthy.

I've been saying that I was gonna cut my hair for months but I never got around to it, then the other day I found the most disgusting looking split end/knot thingy and I was horrified. I had to force myself to just cut my hair. Sooo my hair is about an inch shorter but that's cool because my ends are nice and healthy. And I plan on keeping it that way :)

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