February 3, 2011

Random Thought on Grandparents

Today is the day that my paternal grandmother would have turned 70. I sat and thought about her and it made me a bit sad to realize that I don't know much about her. Of course I have a few memories and some stories I've heard over the years, but that still isn't much. She died when I was 7 and up until that point I hadn't known her that well. Sometimes I wish I could just sit and have a conversation with her. Which made me come to this thought. All of my grandparents are dead. All four of them. Two of which I have never met because they died years before I was born. Sometimes I wish I could just sit and talk to all of them. I feel that people overlook how great it is having grandparents. I wish I could ask questions, listen to their stories and attempt to soak up some of their wisdom and knowledge. But that isn't possible for me. I know that this post seems a bit depressing but that actually isn't my point. I just hope that others appreciate their family and don't take them for granted. There are plenty of people that don't even have that luxury.

Here's a picture of my Grandma holding me. My sister and cousin were crying because they didn't want to get out of the picture. Guess they didn't want to share Grandma with me lmaoo

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