February 3, 2011

In Search Of Motivation

Lately I've been looking at pictures of me and I'm not liking what I see. I've gotten used to being this size. Its not much of an inconvenience, I think I look pretty good lol. While I love my shapely figure, I'm starting to feel like it could be shrunk down to a lower size...not too small though lol.

Here's a pic of me the day of my JHS graduation.

While I know that this was wayy back in 2004, I can't help but feel as though I can get back to this size. And the thing is that I don't want to lose weight to look a certain way. Its just that right now I don't feel good about how I treat myself on many different levels. I know that I'm unhealthy and I need not get any bigger than I am now.

Here's a pic of me and my sister the day that she graduated from HS back in 05.

Yes, that was me, looking skintyyyy as hell lol. I honestly don't remember being that small. Its funny looking back because back then I thought I was fat. Ha! How fucking hilarious. Anyway, I know that I need to find some motivation and dedicate much needed energy towards getting back in shape.

Here's picture I took a couple of weeks ago to look at as a reference point. Still sexy of course lol.

One of my biggest problems is that I usually know what my issues are, I'm just not proactive in fixing them. I know, that's a shame right? At least I'm acknowledging them, which is part of the way to where I need to be. Now all I need is continuous action towards my goal. I need to devise a plan, I'll be revisiting this soon.

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Joshen Reborn said...

Well you know I think you are amazingly sexy so I need not go there, but a healthier you will always be a good thing. I just want the maximum amount of years of yummy gummy eye candy you can provide.