February 7, 2011

Would I Date Me?

So I just read Mocha Napps blog where she answered the question that Clutch posed - Would You Date You? And honestly I don't quite know. I feel like I have plenty of great qualities - I'm caring, considerate, funny, intelligent, attractive, understanding etc. But does that necessarily mean I would like to date me? I know that I'm hard to understand because my thought process is quite different from others, I know that I can be a hassle and a bit difficult, but once you actually get to know me I don't think its that bad. Obviously I'm biased though lol.

You know what? Yeah I would date me. I have a lot going on for me. The only thing is that I can be a bit "boring." In both of the blogs I read they put an emphasis on the things you do and if they can be considered boring. I don't quite like looking at it from that viewpoint. When people ask me what do I like to do I never really have an answer. I'm not all that exciting when it comes to the activities I do. I don't do much, like ever lol. However, I do enjoy great conversations. I can have a great time just sitting on a couch with someone if they have stimulating conversation. And that's the honest truth. Now just because I'm not "doing something" does that lower the value of what I'm doing? My answer is no. Activities aren't the only interesting thing about a person. Great stimulating conversation can be just as fun as bowling, going to the movies or actually "doing" something. And you could actually connect more through "just chillin" than taking part in an activity. But idk that's just how I see it.

I understand that this assessment is only based on the first layer of getting to know a person. Mocha made a good point in saying that if during the conversation you ask the person what they like to do the answer is nothing, the conversation ends there because of boredom. While this makes sense, I still disagree. I understand that we're basically strangers at this point so we don't have much to talk about but there is always something to talk about. When people ask me what I like to do, my answer is usually "uhhh idk, not much, listen to music, that's basically all I do when I'm not in class or doing something on campus." Yes, I know that is a boring ass response but we end up talking about what music I like or the fact that I'm still working up the nerve to sing in public. Then we talk about the music he likes and why. You see how my boring ass comment turned into a conversation about something?

I also like to take note of how he responds to certain things, like what interests him about what I say and shit like that. There's more than one way of getting to know someone through conversation. But maybe that's just me. I usually like to dig deeper, even when its just a simple conversation. Perhaps that's one of the things that makes me difficult. Oh well lol


MochaNapps said...

Lol, I'll give you that. the activities that you do basically show that you have a life outside of your "duties." That's all it is, lol. I see your point though. conversation is great especially if he can hold an intelligent/ creative one. but your hobbies shows a more about who you are. What else are you working with? you see?

Shatera said...

I don't have hobbies. Listening to music, writing, reading and MAYBE going out is all I do lol. Guess I'm just boring, ehh, whatever lol

But you know what, I'm not hard to please. Chances are, whatever he likes to do, I won't mind taking part in (as long as its not some creepy sus activity lol).