August 27, 2014

almost 7 years...

I know it doesn't define me. I know it doesn’t mean I'm unlovable. It doesn’t mean I'm damaged. But sometimes, it feels that way. The thing is, I know exactly why I'm still single. You can't meet someone if you don't make yourself available. I just wasn't ready to share myself with someone in that way. But lately I've been thinking...

It's time. 

A few weeks ago I was looking through old photo albums and there were a lot of pictures with me and my ex. It made me a little emotional. Of course I don't miss him, that situation is long gone and dead. I just miss having a him. Someone who could get to know me intimately. Someone I could have late night conversations with. Someone who wants to be around me and enjoys my company. Someone to make me smile. Someone to encourage me.

I'm 24 and I've never dated. I've only ever had one boyfriend. I've had a few instances where I met guys but nothing ever stuck. I'm tired of keeping all my awesomeness to myself. I need to have my relationship cherry popped.

I'm not saying I'm ready. But I am open to the possibility. 

I've talked about this. subject. so. many. damn. times. already.

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