August 26, 2014

WBLS's R&B Fest

Last Sunday I went to WBLS's 6th annual Summerstage R&B Fest. I had such a great time last year, I was excited to come back. They changed it up a bit this year, instead of it being from 4-7PM it was from 7-10PM. Also, there were less acts than last year. First, the show started with Jon B. He sang all of his popular songs and a couple that I didn't know. Throughout his set he made a few mentions of him being the "first," coming before Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke. I just kept thinking, "noooo what about Michael Mcdonald and Bobby Caldwell?" lmao. But I enjoyed his set. After that, JoiStarr performed. She's a My Block Records artist and she's also Warryn Campbell's sister. Cool. Her vocals were on point and when she was finished, I actually wanted to hear more. That's a good look lol. After that, Erica Campbell came out for a surprise performance. I hate her cuz she's so damn good and she always makes me wanna cry. Damn you Erica! After her short set, Tank came out to say hi and he sang a couple of lines from "Maybe I Deserve." The crowd went crazy, completely forgot about their Jesus moment 5 seconds beforehand. It was quite hilarious. But that man is sexy as hell. I get it. 

After all the women lost their panties, Dave Hollister came out. It was his birthday and I could tell that we were in for something special. He sang a few of his popular songs then he started "Can't Stay." I got excited because I looove this song. The backgrounds started and he abruptly stopped and said that he wasn't feeling it and that he wanted to sing something else. So he started a gospel song and gave his testimony. He said that he had 6 years clean from a 15 yr alcohol addiction and 10 year cocaine habit. I was disappointed that he wasn't singing my song but I didn't mind him taking us to church. I could tell that it was in his spirit to share his story. Sometimes you just gotta do what you feel. And it worked.

After we finished our second church service of the night, Monifah came out to say hello then ran off the stage. I was hoping I'd get a hum out of her or something, but no. She just mentioned her new single, "The Other Side" and left the stage.

Then Christopher Williams came out and we all revisited the New Jack Swing era for 5 minutes. He announced that he has new music coming out in January. I'm realllly curious as to what it's going to sound like, and if anyone is going to buy it….I guess we'll find out. After our trip down memory lane, Jeff Redd came out and sang like a minute of his song, "You Called and Told Me." That is my jam! I was sad he was just stopping by briefly. He could've finished the song :(

I wasn't sad for much longer though. After what felt like 20 minutes of Lenny Green talking and stalling, finally Musiq came out. And I enjoyed singing along and watching the crowd's excitement but honestly, he didn't wow me. He didn't make me want to see him live again. I enjoyed him, but I wouldn't pay for him. Now I know.  Overall though, I had a really good time and this was my first time enjoying a concert alone. It was a little weird, but I survived it lol

Since Dave didn't get a chance to sing my song, I had to find it to listen to it.
Dave Hollister's "Can't Stay" from Ghetto Hymns (2000)


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samantha W said...

Wish I was there sound like such fun, love you glad you had a good time