August 3, 2012

Day 8 - A song you liked when you were younger

This is a tough one for me.

I grew up in the 90s and that is my favorite decade for music. There are tonssss and tonssss of songs I liked when I was younger. I loved listening to the radio, playing my cassettes and watching Video Music Box. Since I can remember, I've always been in love with music. Me and my sister would record songs off the radio, sing along, and make up dance steps. Since there is so much 90s music to choose from, I'm just not going to choose a song from that decade lol

When I was around 7, I don't know what program I was watching but one day this video came on...

...and I fell in love. Soon after, my love of sexual songs began smh. Since then, this has always been one of my favorite songs.

Here's a longer unedited version:

Mtume's "Juicy Fruit" from Juicy Fruit (1982)

Of course this song has been sampled numerous times. No offense to Biggie or Keyshia Cole, but the original will always be my favorite.

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