August 22, 2012

Day 27 - A song you make fun of

Kiely William's "Spectacular" (2010)

When I first saw this video, I was a bit shocked and confused. Although I thought the idea was irresponsible, I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the song and video. Since then, I've heard her reasoning and explanation and although I understand what she was trying to do, it just didn't work.

Here's the message she wrote under the video:
ATTENTION: I am an actress and performer. I have been so since my first role in a television pilot at five years old. I played a character when I was a Cheetah Girl. I am playing a character in the music video for the song Spectacular, as I did in the Cheetah Girl movies.

The fact is, that sometimes women get intoxicated and have unprotected sex. My video puts this issue front and center. It is absurd to infer or suggest that I am condoning this behavior. Are Lady Gaga and Beyonce advocating murder with the Telephone video? Of, course not. Was Rihanna encouraging suicide with Russian Roulette? No. Was Madonna suggesting that young unmarried girls get pregnant with Papa Don't Preach? I don't think so. Is Academy Award winner Monique a proponent of incest because of her portrayal of Mary in the movie Precious. Clearly, the answer is no.

I wrote Spectacular and made the video to bring attention to a serious women's health and safety issue. Don't shoot the messenger. 

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