August 9, 2012

Day 14 - A song you like hearing live

ANYTHING by Raheem DeVaughn!!! OMG that man is a beast live! I've been to three of his shows since 2007 and whenever he performs in NYC, I try to go see him. He knows how to give a good show and you always get your money's worth. Also, I love the fact that he has his homie Demont Peekaso on stage creating art as he's singing. It gives the show a great feel and a little something extra.

Raheem DeVaughn's "Ask Yourself" from The Love Experience (2005)
I recorded this video 3/10/08 at B.B. King's

My absolute favorite part of this performance is when everyone on stage drops and the music stops. When the song starts back up again....mmmmm :)

 Raheem DeVaughn's "Marathon" from Love Behind the Melody (2008)
 I recorded this video 3/10/08 at B.B. King's

Dammit. I think I lost my drawers...

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