October 17, 2011

Sometimes I Cry

Eric Benét - "Sometimes I Cry" from Lost in Time 2010

I played this song at least 6 times in a row today. Eric Benet just does something to me and this song has made me cry numerous times in the past. The amount of emotion he injects into the song plus the fact that its a  live recording just makes me an emotional mess when I listen to it. (Anddd he got the nerve to be crying all throughout the video. The nerve of him! lmao).

I felt inspired...

sometimes I cry
not because you're gone
but because I am
where have I been?
what have I become?
a shell
lonely, unable to connect with others
no, I don't blame you
I blame me
for not seeing sooner
its ok to love
its ok to smile
its ok to be happy
its ok to let people in
too bad I just don't know how...

I've cut myself off from the world. Its been so long since I've been with someone, I'm not even sure if I would know what to do with myself if someone showed interest. I complain about not having intimacy but the truth is the thought of it scares me. I haven't had to be close to anyone like that in almost 4 years. That's a long time to be alone. That's a long time to feel isolated and forgotten.

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