October 17, 2011

Escaping Won't Help

Sometimes I just want to escape. I just want to run away and abandon everything. But where would I go? What would I do? Running away isn't a feasible solution to my problems. It won't solve anything. But sometimes I wish I was just somewhere else, living my life the way I wish it was now. Of course I could change my life into what I would like it to be but I guess escaping just sounds easier.

Most of the time when I feel like escaping, I turn to music. I just ran an errand which would take all of 10 minutes out of my life. I took an extra 15 minutes to walk slow, listen to my music and reflect on life. Sometimes I scare myself when I go places that I don't ever allow myself to go. I need to do it more often. My life would be so different, if only I would let it.

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