January 27, 2010

They Don't Know, & They Shouldn't

They Don't Know - Jon B

This song is about not letting your friends get in your ear and talk negatively about your man, especially if you know yourself that your relationship is good. But while listening to it, I thought about the other side. About you telling your friends about your relationship. Whether you're complaining or giving him praises, it's none of your friends business. You never know who you can trust and I found that out the hard way a couple of years ago. I told my best friend all the good things about my ex. I told her the bad things too, but there weren't many of those. Long story short, my relationship ended with him and then my friendship ended with her. Their relationship began shortly after. I foolishly thought she could never do something like that, of course she would never want my man.... When the reality was she liked him all along. Isn't that some crazy shit? I'm over the situation now, but at the time that shit hurt like hell. I have a bad habit of telling my business and I do that because it's my business to tell. But now I'm starting to think "Hmmm is that really their business?"

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