February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day...Oh What A Waste

With Valentine's day coming up I can't help but notice all the commercials, ads, and sales for Valentine-like things. My usual reaction to seeing these things is ewwwww. I can't recall ever caring about Valentine's day, even when I had a boyfriend. I'm the type of person that doesn't like to celebrate anniversaries and mushy shit like that. I'm just not that into it. And no it's not because I'm single, I never really liked that kind of stuff. It doesn't make sense to me...why should we have to buy each other things and declare 1 day special over all the others? Seems like a waste of time for me. Let's celebrate each other whenever the hell we feel like it...how about that?

A lot of people claim that whoever doesn't like Valentine's Day must be bitter, alone, and unhappy. I have to disagree. Not liking Valentine's day does not mean I'm bitter and unhappy. I just happen to not like the "holiday." Whoever chooses to celebrate it, that's their prerogative and I have nothing against it. I just so happen to not give a damn about celebrating my love for someone on one day of the year when there are 364 other perfect opportunities to do so.

This song is does not relate completely...I just love the song lmaoo

Solange's Valentine's Day

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