January 19, 2010

Just Some Thoughts

So today I realized a few things...

1. My friend said that I'm not a bitch, I just don't take bullshit from anyone. That's quite a nice way to put it. I honestly can say I've been through some shit in my life so in a way, my no-nonsense attitude came about from me shielding myself.

2. I'm letting life pass me by. Not a good look. I can't do this anymore...time for change. SERIOUSLY.

3. I blog about myself A LOT. I don't think my topics are all that interesting. I mean who wants to read about me discovering myself? No one cares that damn much lmaoo. So maybe I'll switch to commenting on current events. Problem is, I don't really care that much lol. I like writing about me...its therapeutic. So I don't really care if anyone reads it...nevermind on that one lol

1 comment:

Krystal said...

its ur damn blog, lol. thats wtf a blog is for. u noe me, i sit and read peopls hair blogs, even if they are talking about themselves. by reading them i figure out myself too, in a way