May 3, 2009

I'm Gorgeous Dammit!

Soooo I'm looking at my pictures on facebook and they range as far back as 2004 and I realize something. I'm gorgeous! Actually, it wasn't a realization it was more of a recognition. Now I don't wanna sound conceited or nothing but isn't this a good thing? A lot of people have low self esteem and can't seem to appreciate their own beauty. I feel like everyone is beautiful in their own way. It may be a lil corny, but its true. I'm sick of people talking about how unhappy they are because of their appearance.

Maybe I feel this way cuz I wasn't really teased, even though I was a fat little girl lol. The most I was teased about was my nose (yes its big but so fucking what!) and my breasts (which are big too lol). These things were not an issue for me. My nose is big but it is the same nose that my father and grandmother had. They're no longer here with me and this big ass nose on my face is a constant reminder and connection from me to them. I'm proud to have this big ass nose! Oh yeah and my boobies...well that's self explanatory lmao. I had big breasts since like 12 and boys used to tease me and say "Got Milk," but I took it as a compliment lmao. Anyway...back to what I was saying about my gorgeousness.

There isn't anything wrong with recognizing your own beauty. I recommend looking in the mirror butt ass naked, flaws and all and saying "I Love You." I don't care how big, small, tall short - whatever! There is always something to love. Always. I see the most small and insignificant thing and find beauty in it.

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