May 9, 2009

Relationship Bullshit

I wish people would stop watching TV and listening to songs to define love and guide their relationships. These actions and phrases associated with love make me sick. If you love someone you're supposed to do this, your supposed to say this. EWW, go sit down somewhere with that shit. Ugh it bothers me. Why should there be a set of rules and guidelines? Bump that, I want something that is real. Fuck what everyone says you're supposed to do, that's corny and boring lol. And what's up with all these people fucking so soon? The influence of media is fucking up peoples perception of what they're supposed to be doing in relationships.
"Well we've been together 2 weeks so let's fuck!"
"Hmm I think we should be fucking now, don't you think?"
"He says he loves me so I'm gonna give him some tonight"

Fuck TV
Live your life according to your own feelings and beliefs. PERIOD.

OK, I'm done with my rant.

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Quiet Storm said...

I wonder what influenced that.........