March 5, 2012

New Hairstyles

I was never really into styling my hair. When I was relaxed I would unwrap my hair, comb it down and part it on the side or in the middle. And maybe, just maaaaybe I would pin it up in the front if I wanted to get a little fancy lol. Yeah, I never cared enough to stand in front of the mirror to come up with intricate styles. That laziness is still present. So I have to push my self to spice things up every once in a while. I need to commit to trying new styles on a weekly basis. Starting with today:

Very simple. I just twisted the front and pinned the twists together in the back. Since my hair is completely stretched, its all big and fluffy :)

By the way, I looooove my hair stretched. Over the weekend I had it all big and scary looking and I was in love lol. I had planned on doing mini twists but I think I just might wash my hair and braid it up instead. I'm enjoying this big hair too much to put in twists lol.

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