March 26, 2012

My love affair with stretched hair :)

Last Saturday I decided that I needed to clip my raggedy ass ends so I washed my hair, braided it up and let it dry overnight. On Sunday I blowdried my hair and my sister clipped my ends. This was the first time I decided to clip my ends this way and it was definitely needed. My hair was soooo uneven. My entire left side was longer than my right, just weird lol. Anyway, I chose to try a bantu knot-out on straight hair. I usually twist my hair but I decided to do coils instead. I did about 30 coils, which is a bit much for me but I wanted the curls to be defined. Here's the outcome:

It was cute, nice and fluffy and the curls were cute. But it was a bit small for me. So that night I did bantu knots with 10 twists. Here's the outcome:

I was in looove :)

I wanted to keep my hair stretched so I did a few braidouts for the rest of the week. Then on Saturday night my sister did 8 flat twists going straight back. I just took them out this morning and I'm loving how big my hair is :)

Did I mention that I looooovvveeee stretched hair???

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