November 30, 2011

Fluffy Braid Out

Today my hair was the most stretched its ever been without me having to blow dry it. After I wore the pinned up style on Saturday, I braided my hair without adding any product. I didn't take out these braids until Monday when I wore a puff. Then that night I just braided my hair with some coconut oil and yesterday I wore a hat all day with the braids underneath. So here's how my braidout came out today:

I received several compliments and a shitload of comments like "your hair is sooo long," and "ooh it grew so much." Usually I can't stand these comments because its not odd that my hair is longer. My hair grew because, well, hair grows...that's what it does lol. Anyway, these comments made perfect sense since I have been wearing my hair up in a puff all semester. So no one ever really sees it down, plus my hair is super stretched today. I even was caught off guard by my hair constantly touching my neck and shoulders. All of this dry braiding has my hair stretched out and fluffy and I'm definitely feeling it :)

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