October 24, 2010


Most of the time I don't ever have to stop and say, "Hey how was your day?" because you tell me automatically. But then do you ask me about mine? No. This relationship is not level. I'm here for you but can you say the same? I try to tell you about my feelings, you say mmhmm then keep talking. You don't really listen. But maybe I'm asking for too much. Maybe what I want from you I will never get. I accepted that a while ago but what about me? Who do I turn to when I need something? You say you're tired of being the nice guy, tired of being patient. I understand that completely but who told you to be that for me? That's not what I need. I don't want someone that walks on eggshells around me. Cuz then where does that lead us? Neither one of us is getting what we need. We can do so much better, so why arent we? Is it me? Hmm...am I that much of an insensitive bitch? Or maybe you just can't handle it. Well who said you should even have to? You shouldn't. I put it on you when you aren't built for it. Maybe I just need something else, someone else. Maybe this has run its course. Too much huh? Too much you, too much me, too much of us. Its ok. I'll be fine. But will you? You wanted to give up right? Well go right ahead then. If its that easy to walk away then maybe we wasted all this time.

Maybe this is what we need...separation.

And I bet you won't ever read this. I never asked you to.

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