October 11, 2010


you pull me closer to you
I want it, but I don't want it to show
I don't want you to know that I'm aching for you
anticipating your touch
your skin on mine
those beautiful lips
touching every part of me
tasting me

I hold my breath
trying not to moan
and call out
so sweet
you taste so good
I don't want this to end

you grab me, tell me I'm yours
for the moment, I believe you
give into the fantasy that all of me is what you desire
and not just parts of me
I run from the truth and crash into you
our bodies collide
momentarily we are one
she's no longer important
all that matters is right now

with your skin touching mine
your soft caresses
you go deeper

I let you in
even though you don't deserve it, damn it feels so good
I lie to myself and say that you're mine
but you never were, never will be

we embrace for this moment
but I know come morning, it will just be a memory
you were never really here
this was never real

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