October 4, 2010

La Lluvia En Mi Cara

Today I took a walk in the rain
Slow strides, no umbrella to shield me from the wetness
I look up into the sky, thinking, why do we run from the rain?
Why do we curse its arrival?

As the little drops hit me and tickle my face, I wonder...
Am I the only one that sees this beauty?
We wouldn't be here without the rain
What would replenish us?

Suddenly filled with joy
I was tempted to kick up leaves and sing and dance
But I feared I would look like a fool
Maybe I am, for not recognizing this beauty sooner

The rain stopped, it saddened me
I wished it would return
So that I could be soaked in its knowledge
Once again

As I walked through campus aimlessly, this song began to play: Hey You - Floetry. As usual, I love when  my music speaks to me and connects to how I'm feeling. This was such a perfect song for the moment. Smooth, soothing, and beautiful like the rain ♥

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