June 2, 2013

Wash & Go - As I Am

Warm weather has finally arrived and with it comes my excitement for wash and goes. I haven't been too excited about wash and goes in a couple of years. Lately I've been having the itch lol. I never really had a great experience with a wash and go and I'd love to play around with different products to see what could work well for me.

It recently dawned on me that I never show off MY curls. I'm forever braiding, twisting, bantu knotting, roller setting, and whatever elsing my hair. I barely ever just let my hair be. So I'm going to start doing just that. Plus, a good wash and go can last me up to a week. For a long time I thought that WnGs gave me single strand knots and split ends. Come to find out that ANYTHING I do to my hair gives me SSKs and split ends lmao. So I said eff it, I'm gonna do what I want any damn way. 

Over the next few weeks I'm going to try out a few things. First on the list is what I have left from a free sample I received months ago - As I Am Leave In & Curling Jelly Curl and Coil Definer.

As soon as put the Leave In on my hair I felt my hair smile. It had nice slip and smelled like cake batter lol. I followed up with some olive oil. The Jelly looked like, um, mucus. I really felt like I was putting snot in my hair lmfao. I was kind of unsure about the Jelly because as soon as I added it to my hair, my hair felt a bit hard. It felt as if it wasn't agreeing with the other stuff on my hair. I was hopeful that it'd be fine though. Since my wash and goes tend to be a bit crunchy at first and soften up as time passes, I was ok with the crunch.

Here's a couple of pictures of it when it was freshly done and still soaking wet:

After it dried, I put olive oil on my hair and scrunched out the crunchiness.

Here's a few shots of it dry the next day: 

I'd love to try this leave in again. It just felt so nice on my hair. I'd try the Jelly again also because it gave me wonderful definition. The crunch eventually subsided and my little Jherri curls were still popping all over lol.

I'm excited for my next WnG :)

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