June 11, 2013

Drowndeep: Hula

Last week VH1Soul played Maxwell's Soul Story and his VH1 Storytellers from 2011. Of course I was elated because I loooove me some Maxwell. After hearing him perform this song, I just could not get it out of my head. Its just so soothing, beautiful, sensual, melodic...perfect. You ever hear a song and feel it resonate within your being? Yeah, that's what this song does to me. 

"Drowndeep: Hula" from Embrya (1998)

Omg the end of the second verse is just...ugh. When he sings "How could I let you go" my heart aches...but in a good way. Damn you Maxwell! :) 

Here's the whole set from Storytellers. The intro to "Drowndeep" starts at 10:55ish and its followed by my all time favorite Maxwell song, "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever" at around 18:00.

Enjoy :)

I really need some live music in my life. I'm missing it.

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