June 10, 2013

WnG turned Twistout

So five days after my As I Am WnG, I got a bit tired of my hair. It wasn't dirty so I decided to wet it, comb through it and and do a twistout. I figured I could pin them down to stretch them like I'd seen Naptural85 do before -

I ended up with 17 twists because I wanted them to be chunky. I took out the pins the next day but waited five days to take them down. I was glad to see a bit of hangtime and nice definition.

I gave up on twistouts a long time ago but as usual, I'm changing my mind lol. I still love a good braidout though.

Random but here's a couple of curlies I found while combing out my hair :). Yup, I have a bunch of weird S/U shaped curls lol

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