April 8, 2013

Rollerset and Blowout

Last Thursday I took out my last set of Crochet Braids and I was sooo excited that I could wash and play with my hair. I missed my hair. A lot. On Friday I washed my hair, did a roller set and sat under the dryer for about 45 minutes. OMG I am SO happy that my sister bought a hooded dryer. It made the roller set process so much easier. When I took down my hair, I dusted my ends because they were looking quite raggedy. I did a coil out before the crochets and that resulted in a bajillion single strand knots :(. Anyway, I had my Tracee Ellis Ross look going on and it was super cute. I didn't take any pics though smh. That night I did pin curls to try to keep the style. When I woke up the next morning and took out a couple of curls, I noticed that I suck at pin curls...like really suck smh. My hair had a curl, a very wonky weird looking curl lol. So I decided to blow dry my hair to see how straight it would get. My hair is pretty thin, staring at it too long gets it straight lmao. So it got pretty straight but the ends lost all the curls. So I did temporary pin curls without pinning them to my head. Here's the outcome:

I was definitely feeling myself a bit lol. After doing some running around, my curls had dropped so I decided to do bantu knots. I had intended on doing about 5 to give my hair a nice wave. I ended up doing 9 so of course, it came out curlier than I wanted. Here's the look:

I know that I broke my no heat rule for my 6 Month Challenge but I'm sure that the little bit of heat that I used won't be too detrimental to my progress. Speaking of progress, I didn't do an official length check but I did notice some growth. However, I'm doubtful that I will reach my length goal. And you know what? I'm ok with that. Halfway through I thought it might be unobtainable but I kinda didn't care. While sometimes I do get pissed off that my hair isn't longer, I know that I have to get over it. Length isn't everything.

I'm going to try to keep my hair stretched like this for two weeks before I wash it and figure out my next move. Updates soon :)

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